Transcool UK Ltd support and repair Machine Tool Oil Cooling, – Machine tool Chillers- Hydraulic Chillers – CNC coolers Chillers. Applications such as Spindle Oil Cooling – Ball screw cooling – table cooling – cutting coolant – Laser cutting machine cooling and general cooling of Oil, glycol, cutting coolant emulsions and water solutions for all aspects of process cooling. We also supply new Machine tool Chillers.

200v 3 phase Chiller Oil Coolers can cause difficulties in the UK obtaining and sourcing 200v three phase parts and spares can be difficult. We have developed international relationships and can supply parts for many of the common 200VAC 3 phase spindle chillers coolers, hydraulic chiller coolers and coolant chillers. We supply new replacement 200 volt 3 phase Chiller Oil Coolers in addition to UK and European standard 415VAC or 400VAC Chillers and Coolers.
Machine tool Coolers-Chillers appear on many machines CNC, Lathe, Milling, grinding, broaching, cutting, milling turning multiaxis machines, many of the machine Tools are manufactured in Eastern Asia and are supplied with Chillers Manufactured in Eastern Asia. We have gained substantial experience and knowledge of Japanese Chinese Taiwanese and Korean chillers and coolers and officially support some of the manufacturers in the UK and Ireland as appointed agents.

Our preparatory specialist secondary refrigerants glycol solutions for the machine tool laser and process cooling industry help prevent issues of biological contamination and mineral deposit scale. Some Manufacturers now specify our preparatory specialist secondary refrigerants glycol solutions.

We support the majority of machine tool cooling applications:-
Spindle Oil cooling – Hydraulic Oil Cooling – Grinding Oil Cooling – EDM Oil Cooling – Lubricating Oil Cooling – Cutting Oil Cooling – Gear Lubricating Oil Cooling – CNC vertical & horizontal machine centre – CNC grinding machine – CNC high-speed lathe – CNC machine centre (5 surface) – CNC double column grinding and milling machine – CNC high-speed press machine – Ball Screw cooling -Table Cooling – Oil tuner – Oil controller – immersion coolers
We repair and supply new, we design and supply new replacement Machine tool Chillers.

Many Machine Tool Manufacturers use Chillers for spindle cooling Ball screws etc. We offer breakdown support parts supply and new replacement Chillers and Coolers. Some Machine Tool coolers are obsolete however we can offer repair or if necessary design a replacement Chiller to suit or supply new alternatives. We provide Service and support Nationwide. We are UK agents for both Machine Tool Oil Cooler manufacturers and Laser cooling Manufacturers in addition have worldwide relationships that assist us in providing parts and replacement for most Chiller Cooler Manufacturers.

A brief sample of Machine Tool Oil cooling Manufacturers supported

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Cooling for:-
Mazak – Trump – Doosan – Okuma – Chevalier – Hurco – Hyundai -Index Traub- Knuth Schiess – SMTCL Heller – SMEC – Matsuura – Haas – Bridgeport and many more.

Machine tool Chiller cooling parts or repair issues we design and supply bespoke alternatives to most types and configurations of machine tool cooling.

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